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The All-New Hollywood Range Exclusively Available from Top Carpets & Floors

The All-New Hollywood Range Exclusively Available from Top Carpets & Floors

Carpets are making a comeback and with good reason. Few flooring solutions can compare to the elegance, style, and warmth of carpets. With their neat appearance, carpets can complement any style of interior and also provide the additional benefits of trapping dust and allergens that would otherwise be airborne. Easy to maintain through regular vacuuming, carpets give the feeling of neatness together with opulence.

When it comes to comfort, carpets still lead the pack of flooring solutions. Soft underfoot and with a pleasing texture, they provide for comfortable walking surfaces. Durability is extremely important when selecting a floor surface and carpets meet the requirement, proven by our extensive quality guarantees and wear warranties.

Of course, carpets also add insulation to rooms because of the underlay systems, so you don’t easily hear footsteps (which can become irritating) and benefit from improved room acoustics, especially in the family entertainment room. The latest addition to our product stable doesn’t disappoint when it comes to affordability, durability, neatness, and elegance.

Hollywood Range of Carpets in the Pinnacle Collection

Few carpets currently on the market can compare with the affordability, beauty, and diversity of the Hollywood range of elegant designer carpets. Though some may say that modern and classic cannot be used in the same sentence, there is no other way to describe the look and feel that the Hollywood selection of carpets imparts to an interior space. We thus describe it as a means to attain a classic look to a modern interior – and this should give you an indication of the elegance you can expect.

The Hollywood collection is diverse, ensuring that every colour and style can be enhanced with installation of one of the carpet selections. Forming part of the Pinnacle Collection of elegant, but affordable carpeting, the Hollywood carpets are made from 100% polypropylene with anti-soiling topical treatment. The fibre weight is 850 gsm, the total weight 2300 gsm, the pile height 8 mm and the final height 10 mm. The carpets come with woven propylene primary backing and cotton/woven propylene secondary backing. Graded for heavy residential use, the carpets can be installed in hallways, living rooms, children’s rooms, and areas of heavy traffic.

The Hollywood selection comes with a five-year quality guarantee and ten-year wear guarantee. You thus get the assurance that the carpets will provide value for money for years to come. Indeed, these carpets are the cheapest cut-piles on the market, but you certainly don’t have to compromise on quality and durability, as proven by the extensive guarantee and warranty.

The selection is locally manufactured, ensuring that superior manufacturing standards are met and this also means supporting local industries and thus the South African economy. It is a range that is exclusive to Top Carpets & Floors. You can view the range online or visit one of the 120 Top Carpets & Floors branches nationwide to view, feel, and inspect the range. Our floor consultants will be able to help you with cost calculations, installation expertise, and guidance regarding colours and applications.

Visit your nearest Top Carpets & Floors store or contact us online for a quote or more information on the Hollywood range.

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