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Easigrass – The Cost-Effective Alternative to Natural High-Maintenance Landscape Surfaces

Easigrass – The Cost-Effective Alternative to Natural High-Maintenance Landscape Surfaces

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative surface to conventional natural grass. The artificial grass doesn’t require weekly mowing and trimming and with virtually no additional maintenance needed, the surface is well-suited to people who want to scale down on their maintenance and gardening time and labour. Apart from the low maintenance, the artificial grass keeps its colour throughout the year. When others struggle through winter to keep their lawns in tip-top condition, you can have a well-maintained and beautiful green lawn 365 days of the year.

A benefit of Easigrass artificial grass surfaces not to be overlooked is the minimisation of pests and allergens. Insects normally lurking in the grass, and the fine hairs on grass which may cause some people to suffer from itching skin, are not present with Easigrass artificial surfaces. This makes it possible to create an allergy-free play environment for small children at nursery schools, indoor garden spaces at hospitals, or old age homes. Applications range from sport fields to back gardens, restaurants, hospitals, courtyards, retail parks, and corporate landscaped areas. With low maintenance, allergy-free environments created through installation of durable and versatile artificial grass surfaces, one also reduces the environmental impact of human activities.


Are you looking for a suitable alternative to natural grass that is also soft underfoot? Then Easigrass Knightsbridge is the solution. Pets love the artificial grass because it provides a soft surface for resting. It is made from monofilament polyethylene fibre with a fibre weight of 1109 g/m2 and a pile height of 25 mm. This product from Easigrass has an 8-year warranty. Install the artificial grass on your patio, balcony, or in the courtyard, or use it for extensive landscaping purposes.


Give your schoolkids the perfect practice environment with Sport grass from Easigrass. It is suitable for hockey, netball, putting, and tennis or cricket practice. It is made from textured monofilament fibre with a fibre weight of 1400 g/m2 and has a pile height of 15 mm +/- 1 mm. It also carries the Easigrass 8-year warranty.


This is the artificial grass surface to choose for a residential soccer practice area. It has the elegance needed for landscaping and a pile height suitable for soccer practice. The Soccer grass is made from monofilament polyethylene fibre with a fibre weight of 968 g/m2 +/- 10% and has a pile height of 40 mm +/- 1 mm, and also carries the Easigrass warranty of 8 years.


The elite Easigrass artificial grass product is called Mayfair. This surface is almost completely maintenance-free and is exceptionally popular as a luxury grass surface for high-profile companies and homes. It is an exquisite artificial grass surface, specifically suited to landscaping. Made from monofilament polyethylene fibre with a fibre weight of 1013 g/m2 +/- 10%, it has a pile height of 32 mm +/- 1 mm and the distinctive 8-year warranty from Easigrass. This is the artificial surface to install at embassies, corporate building rooftops, at penthouses, and at homes where elegance are just as important as practicality.

Create beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect sport practice fields, and cost-effective office gardens with our range of Easigrass artificial surfaces.

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