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2 Top Traviata Laminate Floors that Transform Interiors into Luxury Spaces

2 Top Traviata Laminate Floors that Transform Interiors into Luxury Spaces

As stockists and suppliers of superior-quality laminated flooring, Top Carpets & Floors also offers products from the Traviata Flooring brand. We take a look at two of the Traviata Flooring products available through our outlets in South Africa.

Domestik AC3

If you are looking for a highly resilient floor that withstands harsh daily use, including spills and bumps, without having to compromise on luxury and style, Domestik AC3 is the perfect floor surface for your home. The core is made from high-density fibreboard and it has a 15-year domestic or 5-year commercial guarantee. There is a choice of eight décor styles to ensure you obtain a floor style that matches the interior of your home perfectly. It makes use of the 2G Express Effect Locking System for easier and more precise installation, and you can even choose from a range of aluminium finishes.

Domestik AC3 features a special silicon barrier at the board edges that provides extra moisture protection and contributes to its excellent ability to resist wear. This Traviata floor is also anti-static, thanks to a protective treatment layer that ensures electrostatic charges are absorbed and in turn are transferred to the sub-floor. This helps to prevent electrostatically charged debris from clinging to the floor surface, thereby creating a cleaner environment, while also preventing the effect of static discharges when walking over the surface. Because there is no static build-up, cleaning of the floor surface is also made easier.

It furthermore features the transparent and wax-free SurfacePLUS coating treatment that prolongs the floor’s lifespan and makes it more scratch- and impact-resistant. The result is an exceptionally durable floor that can provide years of service.  Another compelling feature that makes the Domestik AC3 such a popular and trendy choice for so many contemporary upmarket homes is the beautiful embossed grain that provides for variations in the grain depths. This ensures a stunning and remarkably authentic effect. Lastly, Domestik is an SA Wood & Laminate Flooring Association-recognised laminate floor surface.

Authentik AC4

If you are looking for a floor surface that is resilient enough to be installed in high-traffic areas of your house or even a commercial setting, such as an office, you will appreciate the Authentic AC4/32 V-groove range of Traviata flooring available from Top Carpets. It has a distinctly sophisticated look and feel with its specially embossed surface that adds depth and texture for a truly authentic wood-look floor. Its perfect balance of shine and matte effects ensures an extremely close resemblance to natural wood.

The core is made from high-density fibreboard and there is a choice of eight décor profiles. The 5G Express Effect Locking System allows easier installation and it has an additional moisture barrier at the board edges, is also anti-static and, like Domestik AC3, it is treated with SurfacePLUS. It is furthermore recognised by the SA Wood and Laminate Flooring Association. Authentik AC4 has a 10-year commercial or 20-year domestic guarantee.

Do not compromise on the quality of flooring. Get Traviata flooring from Top Carpets & Floors to bring your home or office interior in line with the flooring trends of 2017.

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