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Blinds in the Kitchen: 5 Reasons to Love This Choice

Blinds in the Kitchen: 5 Reasons to Love This Choice

There are at least five good reasons why you should choose blinds in the kitchen, which we briefly discuss below.

Perfect atmosphere

Whether yours is old-school or modern, blinds are a great way to create the perfect atmosphere in a kitchen. Which blinds to choose depends on this, so be sure of how you want your kitchen to welcome visitors before you start blind shopping. Perhaps your kitchen is already cosy and welcoming, because the curtains are perfect? Are they really? Kitchen curtains are likely to receive the least attention of all window dressings in a household, simply because they are often more of an accessory than actually serving a purpose. Blinds challenge this in a very positive way.

You decide

Blinds in a kitchen discretely do their job and give a real burst of style to your décor! And, what we love most about blinds is they love being manipulated to suit their owners’ every whim. Too much light, adjust them, too little privacy, adjust them, too hot, too cold, too bright, too dark… the choice is yours. Roller blinds, for example, cover a window with a single piece of fabric and can be rolled all the way up with a string or beaded coil system. Imagine, on a gorgeous sunny day, even in winter, you can roll it right up to let in as much light as possible, and roll it right down at night to ensure total privacy and security from anyone sneaking a peek of what’s going on inside.

More space

Venetian blinds, with their wide horizontal slats, are perfect for creating the illusion that your kitchen windows are bigger than they actually are, and that the room itself is more spacious. You can also have the blind tucked close to the window but, if you want it to be bigger than the size of the window, remember to measure just that little extra, to ensure you get the perfect result. Vertical blinds are great for faking a “taller” window, as they work wonders on windows that are wider than they are long.

Choices, choices, choices

There are so many varieties, styles and colours of blinds that will suit a kitchen, you would be amazed when you first start exploring the options for your new-look kitchen. But don’t let the endless choices bog you down. The experts are on hand to guide you and help you find the perfect dressing for your kitchen windows. Be prepared to have a little fun and you could be astonished at how your choice can transform your kitchen. However, be absolutely sure that you have made the right choice for the ambience you want to create and the function you want the blind to deliver.

Less cleaning

A professional can steer you towards the best choices of fabric and styles for blinds that will hold up well against the everyday goings-on in a kitchen. Kitchen window dressing is often near the sink, so water resistance is a big consideration, as are splashes from oily pots and pans, etc. With expert advice, you will have the maintenance of your kitchen blinds down pat and have all the time in the world to sit down with a good cuppa and boast to all your friends in your blind-smart kitchen!

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