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Carpet Design Trends: Think Green, Neutral and Flecked

Carpet Design Trends: Think Green, Neutral and Flecked

Contrary to popular belief, carpeting is not a thing of the past. Many of us can remember the distasteful, and often plain ugly, carpeting in the homes we grew up in but, thankfully, carpeting has come a long way. It remains the number-one flooring choice around the world. But…making a wrong or an outdated choice can have far-reaching consequences and seriously hurt the resale value of your home.

There is so much to choose from when it comes to carpet designs – different and unique options that will help you to keep your home looking on-trend throughout the lifespan of your floor.

Keep these carpet design factors top of mind to help you choose something that you will love forever:

Next generation

The sustainability and recycling of carpeting materials are a norm in the industry today. Consumers care about manufacturing practices and any manufacturer who thinks otherwise is perilously behind the curve. Reputable and established suppliers of carpets know that earth-friendly is non-negotiable and there is no reason why consumers should be compromising on this.

The “green” factor in flooring manufacturing is a trend not likely to change. Make your purchase of carpet, no matter what design or brand, one that will serve both you and the environment. Anything less will be an outdated choice in today’s world.


2017 carpet design trends are all about bold statements. Be careful though; deciding to brighten up your home with carpets in gorgeous and unusual designs is a great idea, but don’t let it end up filling you with anxiety that you have made the wrong flooring choice.

Bear in mind that incorporating a fun element into living spaces should not be to the extent that you detest the design in a year’s time. You don’t want to look at that overly funky carpet every week and think, “What was I thinking?” That is a serious waste of money. Choose the carpet design wisely for the size and function of the room and it can serve you well for years to come, while adding that dash of playfulness you wanted.

Neutral colours are still the best sellers in carpeting. Colour has a dramatic effect on a room and you may get your flooring choice wrong. Unless you can afford to change your carpet every few years as trends change, stick with a neutral carpet design and use the brighter, bolder colours for other elements of the room, like décor pieces or wall paint. Neutrals don’t have to be boring. Trending at the moment are earthy hues, including warm greys.

Berber carpet, for example, remains a popular choice. It is a great high-traffic flooring choice and comes in an enormous selection of colours, especially multi-colour weaves and flecked patterns not usually available in other traditional woven carpets.

Don’t feel alone in your journey towards a beautiful home. There is no reason to make an outdated choice. Partner with a professional. Top Carpets & Floors offers professional advice on product selection, design, colour, and installation. We even offer a 10-day colour replacement guarantee on most brands, giving you the freedom to change your mind, should what we have installed not totally meet your requirements.

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