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10 Reasons Why Loving Laminate Flooring is Easy

10 Reasons Why Loving Laminate Flooring is Easy

Have you been in a home or business where the real hardwood flooring has simply taken your breath away? Are you puzzled how so many people can afford real hardwood?

If you think it is commonplace, because you have spotted this type of flooring so often, think again… you may have been cleverly duped by a master of disguise – laminate flooring.

We have customers, from Gauteng to KZN, who tell us that their friends and family were all, stunned at the strong resemblance their laminate flooring bears to real hardwood flooring.

Many of our customers located in KZN own guest houses and holiday homes that they rent out over busy periods. Laminate flooring turns out to be the perfect flooring fit for these KZN customers’ needs. Not only can they approach our conveniently-situated Top Carpets & Floors branch in KZN for expert advice, but the installation is also quick and easy, and our after-sales service is among the best on the KZN coast.

Laminate flooring has been a firm favourite with designers for a very long time and here are 10 reasons you will love it too:

  1. Modern and fresh, laminate flooring is a wonderful way to refresh any tired floor, while staying within a budget.
  2. There are so many variations to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice. We stock a wide range of patterns and textures from leading brands, so your wish is our command. Take Kronotex’s Basic laminate which, despite only being 6 mm thick, delivers exceptional performance and moisture resistance. It is a beautiful laminate flooring for rooms and offices with limited use. Our Dynamic Plus laminate is well-suited for busy accommodation venues in KZN. It inspires with its freshness and versatility, allowing you to fully express your individuality, while letting your creative juices flow. The Dynamic Plus laminate loves heavy foot traffic!
  3. It would be remiss of us not to mention price. Laminate flooring is such a winner as it gives you the look of hardwood flooring, but at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Installation is a breeze, but we do recommend that you consult the experts to undertake your installation for you.
  5. Laminate flooring is moisture resistant and you can install this flooring in areas where the materials that the laminates are imitating cannot be installed.
  6. This flooring has a protective layer which makes it resistant to pets’ nails, furniture, and even high heels.
  7. Laminate flooring can be installed on any level surface, even over concrete.
  8. Minimal cleaning is required,
  9. You can mix and match laminate flooring styles to create something really unique.
  10. Top Carpets & Floors has branches all over South Africa, from the skyscrapers of Gauteng to the sweeping coastlines of KZN.

Do not let a tired, dull floor get the better of you. Call Top Carpets & Floors today to discover the wonder of laminate flooring.

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