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5 Reasons Why You Will Love LVT Floors

5 Reasons Why You Will Love LVT Floors

Many people cannot imagine using the words luxury and vinyl in the same sentence, but we do it with great pride…say hello to Luxury Vinyl Tile floors. LVT floors are a gorgeous option when it comes to really making a statement – and they are tough too.

Our Johannesburg branches report customers are swooning over LVT floors (and for a very good reason), so if you are in the market for floors which will turn your Johannesburg living space into a brand-new experience and add value to your home, look no further than LVT floors.

The Johannesburg branches of Top Carpet and Floors have a wide variety of these magnificent floors – floors that professionals, developers, business owners and designers in Johannesburg are falling over themselves to get installed. Yes, LVT floors are big in Johannesburg!

Here are 5 reasons why anyone involved in development loves LVT floors:

  1. Johannesburg is feeling the pinch, like the rest of the country, but for designers, the show must go on. This is the number one reason designers involved in projects in Johannesburg always go for LVT floors – they cost a fraction of what hardwood flooring does. Designers know the end result is impressive, that LVT floors are quality and that there is no reason to break the bank. LVT floors are an easy and affordable way to add value to homes, businesses and any retail environment.
  2. Health and safety are foremost on the agenda at any commercial site today and this is why big businesses in Johannesburg love LVT floors. They meet health and safety requirements for flammability and slip resistance, among other things. A safe, healthy, happy work environment and beautiful floors to boot!
  3. Fake it until you make it may be the Johannesburg mantra, but you do not have to do this with LVT floors. LVT floors are masters of disguise and can mimic the graining, look and character of real hardwood flooring effortlessly. Designers are blowing their clients away with the finished product. It may be fake, but it looks so real that nobody will know the difference!
  4. Maintenance issues with floors will never become a tired subject. Designers do not want to present clients with high maintenance options, so they turn to LVT floors. Johannesburg clients are far too busy to deal with maintenance and love the fact that LVT floors are so easy to clean (and they look stunning for years to come).
  5. Big commercial companies in Johannesburg can be extremely demanding because they need floors that are as tough as their working environments. Commercial settings are no sweat for LVT floors. LVT floors are designed to be tough and, with professional installation, will serve thousands of pairs of feet very well.

We know why designers love LVT floors and the benefits to their customers are obvious. If you are looking to spruce up your living or working space, why not give one of Top Carpets and Floors branches in Johannesburg a call today about LVT floors?

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