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  • R850.00 inc. VAT
    Internationally renowned Quartz Carpet is a seamless quartz flooring system that is available in 50 countries word-wide and on all 5 continents. Its success is…
  • R289.00 inc. VAT
    Berberesque is a chunky and high-low looped carpet that comes in broadloom carpet. It is 9mm thick and is suited for a heavy residential installation.…
  • R569.00 inc. VAT
    The deep extravagant pile of Berckley gives new meaning to luxury Saxony style - Craftsmanship in a fine semi-worsted spun yarn with a subtle texture.…
  • R369.00 inc. VAT
    The textured and extravagant pile of Chenille gives new meaning to traditional Saxony style. Pile height, density and the semi worsted construction of Chenille is…
  • R189.00 inc. VAT
    Cottage Weave is a beautiful level looped carpet to invite even the hairy members of the family in. It is a heavy residential carpet made…
  • R149.00 inc. VAT
    Country Craft is a beautiful, diverse collection, of gorgeous carpeting. This floorcovering will lend an earthy feel to any room, making it stylish and modern,…
  • R229.00 inc. VAT
    Situated in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic, Hampton is a unique city with an old soul and a youthful spirit. It is surrounded by breathtaking rivers, tidal…
  • R249.00 R229.00 inc. VAT
    Hollywood is a beautiful, diverse collection, of gorgeous carpeting. This floorcovering will lend an modern, but classic feel to any room.
  • R289.00 inc. VAT
    Kashmir is a beautiful carpet made from the finest fibres, luxurious colours and chucky looped textures. This 9.5mm thick berber adds a modern, elegant touch…
  • R549.00 inc. VAT
    Kirman has a pattern match: Textured Rib design can be mock matched. Waves Pattern is 3.7cm in the width and 2.4cm in the length
  • R159.00 inc. VAT
    Needlepunch with a herringbone design for durability and comfort.
  • R409.00 inc. VAT
    Innovation and design come together in this modern carpet range. Pinto is a 100% Solution Dyed Nylon, with long-lasting good looks and stain resistance to…


Want to attain a rustic, yet elegant interior? Then start with one of the rustic flooring solutions available from us. Now you can have a rustic or natural looking floor surface without having to wait years for the interior to age. Rustic, in essence, thus describes our range of flooring solutions that resembles country, lodge, natural or cottage styled floors, but which are suited for modern-day living and working environments.

Inspirations, for example, is a laminate range with long, wide laminate planks featuring a natural look, but unlike solid hardwood floors, the laminate plank design enables quiet and very stable walking surfaces, which are suitable for commercial and residential applications.

The Serengeti is a durable, colourfast, and stain resistant carpet with a distinctive paw pattern which certainly represents the rich natural heritage of Africa.