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Discover your personal style

With the help of expert designers we have developed 4 distinct looks that will help you make décor choices in line with your taste.

You may not know it yet but your style is likely to be one of the following: classic, modern, urban or rustic. We will help you discover which is more suited to your lifestyle so you are better able to choose décor items. Go through the profiles below and start to do your own DIY decor.


You love the latest fashion and are drawn to the clothing store windows with their fresh colour palates and excitement. If it's last season - it's out. You don't mind mixing some of those older pieces with your more modern palate.


You are drawn to warm creams, off whites and safer colours. You prefer to take risks on small items that you can change at little cost. Your artwork is traditional with muted colours and calm imagery. You may like adding antiques to your interior to keep the look traditional.


Anything that looks authentic will fit in your décor style. Natural wood flooring or tiles that give the look of wood will fit in well with your style. You like materials that have texture and depth. Your home could be on a forest estate or lakeside with comfort being top of mind.

Urban Moodboard


Cool grays, concrete and textures inspired by the urban landscape excite you. You tend to go for more angular furniture pieces. Clutter is a no-no! You prefer a few simple pieces to do the talking. Natural blonde wood brings warmth into your environment.