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duraturfDuraTurf is a Belgotex product and as can be expected, it boasts superior quality. First introduced in 2006 as artificial grass for recreational purposes, DuraTurf has over the years become widely used in gardens, playgrounds and at recreational areas.

It is available in two systems to meet client application requirements. The Non-Infill System products are suited for terraces, indoor usage, at swimming pools, small gardens and at trade shows. The Infill System products are perfect for larger gardens, playgrounds and recreational areas.

As the landscaper’s dream, the DuraTurf artificial grass is low on maintenance, comes in a range of superb colours, is soft underfoot and is durable. You even have a choice of pile heights to create the lush appearance of choice. Perfectly suited for areas where lack of sunlight affects grass growth, at swimming pools where natural grass often poses a maintenance problem, and recreational areas where the activities of pets and children affect grass growth, DuraTurf is the perfect alternative to natural grass.

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