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constantiaConstantia flooring is the exclusive range of the Top Carpets & Floors Group. Buying Constantia products, such as their carpets or laminate flooring, means buying products from an award-winning company, and with a ten-day colour replacement guarantee in place, you have the option of replacing the carpet after installation if you are not satisfied with your original choice. In addition, you have the assurance of top-quality and durability, evidenced in the five-year guarantee.

All the Constantia carpets and laminate flooring solutions are made from the best-quality materials. Whether you are looking for luxury or affordability, you will not be disappointed with the flooring selection. With colours to suit any style interior and in line with the latest trends in flooring, the ranges available are developed specifically to meet the modern homeowner’s flooring needs.

  • R149.00 inc. VAT
    Country Craft is a beautiful, diverse collection, of gorgeous carpeting. This floorcovering will lend an earthy feel to any room, making it stylish and modern,…
  • R389.00 inc. VAT
    Paramount Twist, a charming, earthy collection to warm any room. This popular carpet is durable and stain-safe making this range a popular choice.  
  • R169.00 inc. VAT
    Super Tweed II is a high-quality, durable collection of carpets. This range is perfect for most home, and office, flooring solutions. There are a variety of…