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kronopolKronopol has been around for over half a century and base their manufacturing practices on their experience in the construction of wooden floors. The brand has always focussed on sustainable product development practices, and their products come from production materials managed in accordance with the FSC® certificate requirements.As an international brand, Kronopol floors have been installed in over 71 countries around the globe, including, of course, South Africa. We offer various flooring solutions from the Kronopol brand, thereby giving you the opportunity to have stylish and durable laminate floors in your home that are extremely realistic in appearance.

The Helio range is characterised by distinctive contrasts of gloss and matt on each of the laminate planks, thus enabling the mimicking of oak boards that have been coated with oil. The Luna range matches wood grain and surface texture in a unique manner, while Venus is one of the first generation 3D laminate solutions specifically suited for the modern home environment.

  • R269.00 inc. VAT
    You can see the contrast of matt and gloss in each board. The entirety gives a realistic look of oak boards painted with oil.