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Noblesse 4v

Kronoswiss Laminate Flooring, the brand stands for quality and innovation. To enhance the exceptional designs available, different textures are available to create the perfect, and authentic partner for all our décors. The current Flooring collection “SWISS FLOORS” includes many different product groups, which offers Flooring for every conceivable usage. Noblesse Floor is simplicity itself to install and offers a perfect result

R229.00 inc. VAT

Supplied by: The Designer Collection


Warranty: 25 Years

Grading: AC4 V-Grove

Plank Size: 1380mm x 244mm

Thickness: 8mm


Only Available in KZN

Rift Oak, New York Oak, and Strassbourg Oak


Only Available in Gauteng 

Rift Oak, New York Oak, Strassbourg Oak, New Legacy Oak, Bourbon Oak, Historic Oak, Lugano Oak, Premium Acacia, Grinon Oak, Geneva Oak


Only Available in Cape Town

Helsinki Oak, Rift Oak, Strassbourg Oak, Lugano Oak, New York Oak, Ascona Oak, Lucerne Oak, Montreux Oak