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Alternative Flooring – Quartz Carpet

Internationally renowned Quartz Carpet is a seamless quartz flooring system that is available in 50 countries word-wide and on all 5 continents. Its success is due to its natural sophistication and unique seamless aesthetic appeal.

Quartz Carpet is hygienic, stain resistant and easy to maintain. Its scratch resistant surface is not dented by heavy furniture and the stone measures an 8 on the MOH scale of hardness whereby a diamond measures 10! The air pockets between the naturally rounded quartz stones, take on the ambient temperature of the air, which make the flooring warm in winter, cool in summer, and offers a smooth textured tactile feel underfoot.

Quartz Carpet Classic Flooring uses 2-3mm size naturally rounded stones to produce a soft non-slip floor that can seamlessly flow between inside and outside areas.

Quartz Carpet Fine Grain Flooring uses smaller stones, is fully sealed and has an installation height of 4mm. It can be applied directly over tiles making it ideal for interior improvements as doors heights are usually not affected.

R850.00 inc. VAT

Supplied by: Quartz Carpet



  • Unique, smooth and seamless
  • Timeless and luxurious
  • Long lasting, durable impact and scratch resistant
  • Applied over hard surfaces including tiles
  • Available in nine UV stable colours
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor areas and pool surrounds
  • Does not discolour or fade
  • Low maintenance and stain resistant
  • Eco friendly and sustainable
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Non-slip and hygienic
  • World leader – Available in 45 countries