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Rococo Xtra

Contemporary interiors made easy with Rococo Xtra

R279.00 inc. VAT

Supplied by: Van Dyck


1. UV Treatment: UV coating with aluminium oxide (AO9)

2. Recycled Content: 100% Virgin – no recycled content

3. Wear Layer Thickness: 0.3 mm

4. Overall thickness: 2.0 mm

5. Plank Size: 1524 x 228.6 mm

6. Application: Light Commercial/ Medium Commercial

7. Warranty: 15 years in Light Commercial and 5 years in Medium Commercial applications

8. Bill of Quantities Specification:

Light Commercial: Rococo Xtra by van Dyck Floors with plank sizes 1524 x 228.6mm and a 2.0mm overall thickness with a 0.3mm wear layer, fitted in accordance with the supplier’s installation instructions.