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Your new carpet is an investment you will want to protect. Apart from the fact that regular cleaning will ensure that your carpet lasts beautifully, the manufacturer’s warranty is subject to an approved maintenance program. Most carpets are generally covered by the manufacturer’s 5 year guarantee. This guarantee covers all latent defects in the manufacturing process. All claims are assessed according to this guarantee.

Your warranty will not cover your carpet against:

Tears, burns, cuts or damage caused by lack of protection under roller castor chairs; Improper use of the product e.g. installing light weight carpeting in heavy traffic areas; Damage caused by the use of improper cleaning agents and maintenance methods.

How to ensure that your warranty is up to date:

A routine of regular vacuuming and immediate removal of spots and stains should start immediately after your carpet is installed. Your carpet will also require annual professional cleaning in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications as well as the SABS Code of Practice. Top Carpet Cleaners is fully accredited with the RSA Carpet Manufacturers. Members are Seta trained and certified. This is your insurance policy.